Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yes, I am twittering. It is more an experiment than anything else. Very few of my offline friends use Twitter (I think? Set me straight!), so I'm anxious to see how many of the other bloggers I follow find value in it.

Just like anything online, it can quickly take over your life and make your eyes glaze over.

I am vowing not to post what I ate for lunch; my blog is guilty enough of that atrocity, as it is.

Are you on Twitter yet? Why or why not? Take my poll - see upper-right corner.


Kitty said...

I know some people who twitter, but I personally wouldn't have enough gumption or cleverness to post my thoughts!

Happy twitter tweeting, Spandrel!

spandrel studios said...

Hey, Kitty. I think Twitter's good for those fleeting, random thoughts that someone else might find interesting enough to reply back and start a conversation.