Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grace in Relationships

A few months ago, my grandmother passed away.

She was her own person through and through, and you always knew where she stood and what she thought about a particular food, fashion trend, or person's character.

She did not mince words, my grandmother.

During the last months of her life, I admit I visited her more often than ever, if only to burn the memories of her into my mind. Often, my sister and I went together to see her together.

Among the things my grandmother told us was that she regretted was not having spent more time with the two of us. And that hit me, hard.

It's cliche to say that our time here is so finite, and precious. But it's true.

And I'm still amazed at how much we -- really, I -- let it slip by. Even with the best of intentions to spend more time doing things we enjoy for and with people we care about.

So I've adapted my resolution to have more fun this year to have more fun with the people I love.

And I intend to make that a theme that remains in my life forever.