Wednesday, April 2, 2008

100 Things I Want to Do

  1. Triumph over my fear of inverted yoga poses.
  2. Take a graphic design course.
  3. Have tea at the Plaza.
  4. Pick up the guitar again.
  5. Write a screenplay.
  6. Learn to paint a room.
  7. Grow heirloom tomatoes.
  8. Design the perfect jacket.
  9. Flip an egg in a pan.
  10. Convince my husband that Paris is a worthy destination.
  11. Sing karaoke.
  12. Visit my friend in Brazil.
  13. Raise funds for my old music school.
  14. Attend an opera at the Met.
  15. Keep my orchids alive.
  16. Help a graphic designer I know find a better job.
  17. Obtain a patent.
  18. Write a letter to the high school English teacher who inspired me the most.
  19. Go canoeing in Maine.
  20. Read The Bell Jar.
  21. Help someone anonymously.
  22. See more art every week.
  23. Sink my toes into Hawaiian sand.
  24. Bake a credible French baguette.
  25. Visit all 50 states.
  26. Learn to whistle.
  27. Harbor fewer grievances.
  28. Never give up hope.
  29. Smile more.
  30. See what happens.
  31. Skim across clear-blue water on a sailboat.
  32. Have more experiences than things.
  33. Stand in a field of lavender.
  34. Bang out a short story.
  35. Stare in awe and wonder at the Grand Canyon.
  36. Laugh out loud every day.
  37. Make more sandwiches.
  38. Sing with abandon.
  39. Embrace my strengths.
  40. Enjoy what I have.
  41. Post a podcast on iTunes.
  42. Tour a Frank Lloyd Wright house.
  43. Catch sight of a rare bird.
  44. Kiss fear goodbye.
  45. Hang 10 for at least 10 seconds.
  46. Add 7 more delicious veggie recipes to my culinary repertoire.
  47. Give someone else a leg up.
  48. Continuously spark curiosity.
  49. Experience what makes Austin (TX) weird.
  50. Throw a barbeque inviting 40 friends from different parts of my life.
  51. Pay homage to a style icon.
  52. Drink a martini.
  53. Ride a camel (my grandmother beat me to this one).
  54. Fly over a volcano in a helicopter.
  55. Sip a margarita at sunset.
  56. Build a custom jewelry box.
  57. Give in to creative urges.
  58. Stand on that bridge at Giverny.
  59. Ride in a Checker cab.
  60. Drive a Corvette.
  61. Oh, and learn to drive stick.
  62. Win a Monopoly game.
  63. Memorize the Q-without-U words for Scrabble.
  64. Play a scale on a Steinway.
  65. Send a cartoon to the New Yorker.
  66. Take photobooth pictures on every vacation.
  67. Visit Morris Aboretum at least once each season.
  68. Rent a beach house with people I like.
  69. Ride a boat down the Seine.
  70. Take a cooking class in Tuscany.
  71. Follow an olive from harvest to first-press oil.
  72. Take a suggestion from Clothilde for dinner.
  73. Plant a new dogwood.
  74. Make a fancy bow on the next gift I wrap.
  75. Tour an artisanal chocolate studio.
  76. Give everything my all.
  77. Watch for the perfect moments that occur every day.
  78. Get over my fear of fire enough to take a glass-blowing class.
  79. Keep track of my goals all year long.
  80. Worry less about what others think.
  81. Use up my favorite beading supplies.
  82. Eat a perfect mango.
  83. Ride a bike every summer.
  84. Open a stationery store.
  85. Make more gifts.
  86. Give things away.
  87. Embrace fully the joy of celebrating another's happiness.
  88. Get to the point faster.
  89. Make mozzarella from scratch.
  90. Buy flowers for no reason whatsoever.
  91. Don't put off til tomorrow what can be done today.
  92. Join in the chorus.
  93. Ride the train into the city to save gas and savor the view.
  94. Pitch every story idea and aim high.
  95. Ask my nephew to coach me on throwing the perfect spiral. - DONE!
  96. Take out my frustrations at the driving range.
  97. Eliminate 95% of the paper on my desk.
  98. Color with markers for inspiration.
  99. Write more love notes.
  100. Let bygones be bygones.

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