Thursday, April 10, 2008

So, Broken Glass is Good?

As reader and fellow blogger fishwithoutbicycle pointed out, when the pressure is getting to you, it all comes out in your dreams.

That was the case for me Tuesday night. I'd been through a several intensive job interviews over the past couple of weeks, the last of which occurred Tuesday afternoon. At least two offers were imminent from two vastly different organizations.

Exhausted, I went to sleep easily and was probably drooling by 10:30.

Later that night, a bizarre dream had me dealing with glass from smashed-up light bulbs (don't ask), a deceased person, and a futile ride up hill on a creaky blue bike.

The next day while out running errands, I took a few minutes to meander around Anthropologie (love their displays, hate their prices).

Their book buyer has a good eye, and I like seeing what titles they have strewn about the place. The first one I stumbled on? Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams.

Just had to look - and the results speak for themselves:
  1. Glass: You are due for a change if you dream of broken glass.
  2. Deceased person: Conversing with indicates the arrival of excellent news.
  3. Bicycling: Your future is full of opportunity.


Kitty said...

How do you feel about the offers? Are you excited? You sound stressed.

Your dream sounds anxious to me. I can relate. Changing jobs is not always the happiest of times.

Take care with your decision. As I've quickly discovered, every place has its shortcomings. If you go into it with that knowledge, it's a bit easier to take.

Spandrel Studios said...

Thanks, for the advice, Kitty!

As it turned out, one offer was such a great fit - from the responsibilities to the organization's culture to the people I'd work with - that the decision to take it was kind of natural.

But I wholeheartedly agree that no place is perfect.

Kitty said...

I hope it goes well. Congrats!!