Thursday, November 22, 2007

Project Runway Episode 2: Of Designers and Potatoes

Ah, another Project Runway episode where Elisa's oddity is a focus.

Maybe Elisa's being from another planet will serve her well in this competition. But she's clearly channeling some kind of creative muse that is helping her design clothing that is pretty special . . . although she herself falls down on the execution.

But hand sew everything?

I'm sure there are designers who've done it, and probably turn to their right-hand men to sew the production pieces. Anyway, time management will eventually be her downfall when the complexity of a design challenge meets up with her lack of technical skills.

Even during the Isaac Mizrahi show, where they have the behind-the-scenes view of the fittings, Isaac's directing a team of tailors and seamstresses who do the actual pinning and fussing with the fabric. Unless he can't express his intention, or he's just so tuned in to the garment, that he gets in there and wields a few pins, himself.

And anyway, I'm glad that Christian got a little shook up over placing in the bottom two and coming so close to being eliminated. Maybe his attitude will adjust a bit.

Couldn't help thinking at the time that Michael Kors said Christian's design was very 80s/Facts of Life, that his design challenge partner Carmen looked as if she had time-traveled into the episode immediately after filming a Kajagoogoo video.

Can you tell I'm trying to avoid all the pre-Thanksgiving work that awaits? Now if you'll excuse me, I have 7 pounds of Yukon Golds with my name on them.

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