Monday, July 20, 2009

Grace: Issue 50

1. Confirming it was a false alarm.
2. Getting a good night's sleep after a lack thereof.
3. Realizing you're still very glad to be friends with someone, even more than 20 years later.
4. Feeling wiser as well as older.
5. Butterfly-shaped anything.
6. Hearing "I love you" before going to sleep.
7. Waking up when the sunlight fills the room.
8. Knowing my in-laws are great people.
9. Taking a deep, cleansing breath.
10. Accomplishing more than I'd set out to.
11. Having friends who worry about you.
12. Holding hands while you take a walk.
13. Taking it easy.
14. Walking through the neighborhood as a way to greet the day.
15. Watching a goldfinch eat lavender buds outside the window.
16. Tidying up the coupons.
17. Clearing out excess paper.
18. Taking stock.
19. Finding a deal on sumptuous towels.
20. Revisiting a favorite book.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

wh..wh..what...false alarm??? :-) Well whatever the reason it is always good to know the alarm in unfounded!!

Just catching up on my blogging buddies again. Glad you enjoyed your time in NYC and your visit to Pain Quotidien. I love that place. They have even expanded to England now!!

spandrelstudios said...

Oh, it's not mine, but a loved one's, and it's all better. Thanks for your concern, Fish - good to see you've come up for air!!