Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Visit to Port Richmond

Friday was my family trip to Port Richmond, for Easter fare. And it was lines, lines, lines in Krakus Market, the store packed with people rushing to buy the last of their Easter dinner supplies and the aroma of kielbasa filled the air. People looked so serious yet patient as they awaited their turn.

And oh, what a tease, to be standing in a store with the best smoked meats around, on Good Friday, when eating meat is not allowed.

Instead, we went to a humble little joint and had thick potato pancakes, fried to an amber-y brown with applesauce alongside. Boiled pierogis topped with caramelized onions and dollops of sour cream.

Julia Bakery had all sorts of delicious treats awaiting us. Boxes of cream-filled layer cakes, tarts, round chocolate cakes drizzled with more melted chocolate. It's a tiny slip of a store, with nary a storefront, just a simple Julia Bakery in script on the wall next to the door. You blink, and you'd miss it.

A quick jaunt to Stock's for pound cake finished up the trip. We picked up armloads of the stuff, some in the freezer for friends, other loaves to be enjoyed on Easter and beyond.

As we'd entered the store, we happened upon Timmy Kelly - a local elementary school kid with a beautiful voice who has sung the national anthem at Eagles games - giving an impromptu performance of an Irish lullabye. All the bustling activity ground to an immediate halt as he began to sing, all eyes trained on the boy.

Timmy's singing was earnest and sweet, and it filled the entire shop. He finished to a burst of loud applause, wished everyone a Happy Easter, and then the action started again, with orders being filled speedily.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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