Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised

You know when you are looking forward to something, and it's even better than you expected, and it takes you by surprise?

Well, my new job has been like that.

I've met dozens of people who are interested in making innovation happen - and who value my contribution to the conversation!

Smart, funny people who like cake.

And flowers! Really, really nice ones - on my first day.

There's a steep learning curve, for sure, but I'm climbing it steadily every day.

Already, halfway through week 2, I've made connections and breakthroughs and the wheels are turning with plenty of ideas for the future.

Do I like this job? Past experience makes me want to reserve judgment for a while... Once burned, twice shy and all that.

But the optimist in me says that all signs point to Yes.

My Chinese-food fortune the day I started?

"Take advantage of your great imagination. It will serve you well."

Oh, yeah!


Kitty said...

how great? That's wonderful, Spandrel. Congrats!

it's great to hear of 'good fits'. So often it takes such time to find the right connection.


Spandrel Studios said...

Thanks, Kitty... I think companies spend too little time thinking about that, and then it's up to the candidate to make sure the match is a solid one.

I mean, ideally it's the responsibility of both sides - not just one - to be open and honest to esnure the best fit.

bob c said...

This is so GREAT to hear!!! I'm happy that you're getting the intellectual and creative stimulation you need. However, I feel sorry for you that there aren't any pie lovers there - but you can't have everything!
Selfishly speaking, I hope the stimulating job doesn't result in less blog postings for us to read ;-)

Spandrel Studios said...

Hey, Bob!

Well, so far, it's been fewer posts because I've just been so tired each day... There's lots to learn, and the first two weeks are always the roughest - but I'm getting my bearings and feeling pretty good about things. So I'm sure there will be more fodder for blogging, soon! Keep on visiting!