Friday, June 5, 2009

Grace Issue 48: TGIF

  1. Boy, the week after a holiday week is long-long-long, isn't it? Friday's been in my sights since Monday morning, seeming oh-so far off until, lo! Here it is! Huzzah!
  2. Knowing I wouldn't have to cook dinner tonight gave me a bounce in my step.
  3. The fact that Mr. Spandrel picked up the pizza we'd planned was an even bigger treat.
  4. Trying the country vegetable pizza and finding it to be mouth-wateringly delicious - way beyond expectations - added to that celebratory, "hey-the-weekend's-here" feeling.
  5. We get pizza from a neighborhood joint where, when I arrive for pickup, they yell out, "I'm ready for you, baby!" when I walk in. And that makes me laugh out loud each time.

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