Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grace issue 56

During a long slog of a day, you get something done right and well, you get credit for bringing a solid idea to fruition, and a hearty
thank you to top it all off - the trifecta of project management.

Too often, we move too fast to appreciate our own daily accomplishments, however small. Gotta savor those moments as they happen!


Kitty said...

that's great news, Spandrel.

I started writing a personal account of items, too, after hearing Oprah talk about gratitude journals.

I have to say that after less than a week, I have become even more grateful for what I have, which is remarkable because I've always been someone who doesn't take things for granted.

However when you write things down, it makes a difference, especially after the long difficult days.

Hope you have gotten a lot out of the exercise, too.

Spandrel Studios said...

That's great that you've been keeping a gratitude journal, Kitty!

When I remember to post a Grace entry, it has been worthwhile, for sure. Even on the dreariest, most challenging days, there is something to call up as a positive.

On those days, I really need reminding to do it, though. To that end, I'm going to set a reminder in Outlook to get that good habit established.