Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Child in the City

That old Nick Gilder song always runs through my head during the sticky, summer-swelter days, like the one that's on tap for today.

Today, despite the heat I'm headed into Philadelphia for a day of fun that includes checking out the Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Show with a friend, and standing in line for the David Sedaris book-signing event at Joseph Fox Bookshop in center city.

The art show is one that I've visited before but not for many years. Fine artists set up their wares under canopies, and you can talk to them about their work and approach and what inspires them. There's one artist whose painted wooden boxes are a unique collaboration with her artist husband. There are a few on her website that look just wonderful, but I have no idea of the price.

In a unique twist on the usual book-signing for Mr. Sedaris - which I've heard can involve standing in line for four (four?!) hours - the bookstore has collaborated with nearby merchants to throw a block party in his honor. Aside from making the wait more tolerable, it could be provide a fabulous people-watching venue.

More to come...


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Love David Sedaris!! The Rittenhouse Sq Arts Show sounds fab. I really need to get back to Philly for a wander around, it's been 8years since I've been to the city for purposes other than business!!

Stephanie said...

how was the art show and Sedaris? I've heard of him but never read any of his stuff - what do you recommend I start with?

Spandrel Studios said...

See above for more (Plan B), but overall it was a fun day, despite the heat. We never got in to see Mr. Sedaris, due to not wanting to wait for 4 hours in the sun, when it was 95 degrees and counting. We kept checking the line, standing around a while, and then gettomg out to roam around the city after realizing there was no way we could stand around for another 2 hours.

As for his books, Steph, you might want to start with Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim - funny stories about his quirky family (how many of them are true or not remains a mystery).

Me Talk Pretty One Day is also very good.