Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love Those Endorphins

Woke up this morning, scattered of thought, stressed about a big meeting.

Not only that, but I'd tiptoed out of bed toward our front window, having awakened to noises outside at 3 a.m.

Two cars and two passenger vans seemingly chock-full of people were parked in front of my neighbor's house, with people switching seats and making quiet mayhem in the street.

Peering out into the darkness, I wondered what was up, but could tell it was benign and orderly. (This morning, we realized it was probably their house guests, readying to take an early flight back home with a tour full of people.)

So... aside from a side dish of work worries, a lack of sleep played with my already-jangled nerves.

When the iPod revved up at 6 a.m. and woke us gently with some jazz, my husband suggested I take a walk to calm down and get ready for the day.

And lo, it worked!

Days like this, where the morning temps hover around 60 degrees are my favorite.

The air was clear, the humidity was low and the hydrangeas were just starting to bloom.



fishwithoutbicycle said...

Good luck with your meeting. That was me yesterday :-)

Spandrel Studios said...

Thanks, Fish. The meeting ended up going pretty well. It's a big-fat project, and I'm just getting my arms around it!

Hope yours went well, too!

Stephanie said...

exercise ALWAYS calms me down!!

Spandrel Studios said...

Hear-hear, Steph!

Although for some of us, it's really hard to get motivated...

Kitty said...

It's amazing what pretzels we twist ourselves up in for work. It takes up most of our day and then creeps into our waking moments.

You start dreaming about work, too, when fueled with anxieties. I can understand - there is the need to be 'perfect', to perform. But this is contrary to the idea that we're already perfect, that we have no need to prove ourselves.

take it easy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and reward yourself for your care and hard work!

Spandrel Studios said...

You are so right, Kitty... I was just talking with a friend yesterday who also takes her work very much to heart, and she also recently started a new job. Unfortunately, hers comes with a killer commute, whereas at least my commute is very easy.

We were both talking about ways to draw the line and how when we've both started these new jobs, we see areas where we can instantly make a difference, so we want to pitch in and help... but then, you do get sucked into the stress vortex that much sooner!

Neither of us is the type to sit back and take it easy at work - like to be busy, like to drive big projects - so it's been a challenge to not get pretzeled-up so soon!

Hope your new job is treating you well!

bob c said...

Are u sure mr. Spandrel didn't mean something else when he told you to 'take a hike!'? heh heh

When i was younger I think I exercised solely for the physical benefits and the challenges it presented, but as time went on I realized I do it as much for the emotional/mental/spiritual benefits. Plus that rush when you're in a zone can't be beat!

Lastly, I just HAVE to ask, "Is Mr. Spandrel EVER wrong when he offers advice?"

Spandrel Studios said...

Yo, Bobby C, welcome back! Is Mr Spandrel ever wrong with the advice? Hmm... actually, I'd have to say he pretty much bats 1000 (or at least in the high 900s) because he's really not one for *unsolicited* advice. He's not indiscriminate, is what I mean...

And ha! Yeah, he certainly could have been telling me to "take a hike" both literally and figuratively. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and say he said it with the best of intentions. ;-)