Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top Chef Got it Right

Being somewhat reserved myself, I just cheered inside when Stephanie, with her controlled, non-flashy, self-doubting manner, and her ricotta poundcake with banana cream (huh?) took Top Chef Honors last night.

Despite keeping Lisa - um, why? - until the end, the judges got it right.

As another blogger reviewed, the Anthony Bourdain-led episode where Dale got ditched was the huge mistake. Lisa should have been sent packing and shown the door.

In the back of my mind, I'd pegged it as a contest between Stephanie and Richard, who just kind of fell apart in the face of the enormity of it all... (How Stephanie kept her cool when bossing around totally HAWT Eric Ripert - that accent! that hair! that knife-work! - I do not know!)

I feel bad for him to have been shown up by the girl who all season long churned out barely tolerable Asian-inspired food. Although I have not ever had pork belly, the dish Richard made looked just, unappetizing.

But just a tip? If you're ever making a show-stopping meal, anything with the words "pound cake" just won't cut it.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

I love Eric Ripert, so humble, so cute, so French. Apparently he lives somewhere near me and shops in the same gourmet deli, but I've yet to spot him. I'm so glad Stephanie won. Lisa drove me crazy!!

Spandrel STudios said...

Wow, Fish, I am super-jealous! Living in such proximity to Eric Ripert! There's just something sexy about his ever-present tan and the way his silvery hair contrasts with it. And that smile! (OK, now I'm gushing...)

Kitty said...

Eric, whew! Whew!!!!!!
he is very photogenic.

Mark really could not stand Lisa. Oh my. The things he'd say to the tv. Not nice!

She was also a bit ungracious and immature near the end, when she accused the others of not congratulating her.

I liked Stephanie, too. Seemed like both were such excellent chefs, and Richard comes away with a car and tons of PR. Both will go far in their careers.

Spandrel Studios said...

Hey, Kitty. I have to agree with Mark - Lisa was so unpleasant in the extreme... parttaking in her cooking would probably not be a very good experience, I would think. Just overall, not looking like a nice person.

Can't wait to see tomorrow's reunion episode!