Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Runway Episode 3: Bright Lights, Big City (Or, Are The Judges Blinded By the Light?)

Last week, it was Kenley who got gypped. This week, it was Leeanne in favor of Kenley.

Kenley's nightmarish green/purple dress with the bulb of ombre purple tulle forming half the hip of the dress? We're supposed to be impressed with a cheap-looking, garish color scheme and a bubble skirt that looks like she ran out of fabric? Incomprehensible. But then, I don't get Marc Jacobs, either (well, except for the handbags).

With Leeanne's design, you could see the inspiration of the grate around the tree, and how it came to fruition in fabric - just superbly conceived and designed, if a bit literal. (But why she continued to say the shapes were "organic" when it was clearly a man-made iron grate? I mean, if she'd modeled it after the tree trunk, I could see, but I didn't understand that reference.)

With all the interviews with Keith, I thought for sure that the reality show editing-clue machine was out in full force, and thought the kiss of Death was Michael Kors likening his god-awful dress to a swirl of toilet paper.

And then they go and diss Emily for an errant ruffling, albeit over a dress that was clearly well-made, with some shape? I was no Emily fan, but she got totally screwed.

It's a topsy-turvy world, this season.

While I'm the first to admit I'm disconnected and out of touch with club fashion, I must be really far gone. Because although I have been a Terri fan, I just did not understand her outfit. I thought the top looked incredibly dowdy - like the front half of a mother-of-the-bride dress that someone bought on sale.

Although honestly, Terri's design was not nearly as dowdy as Jennifer's clock-watcher dress.

And whoops! Heidi dropping the bomb that she just didn't care to see any more of Jennifer's designs, seemingly evar?! That made me worry for the bookish-looking, earnest girl who somehow found her way to Italy.

Tip: If you consider Salvador Dali an inspiration ("My design style is Holly Golightly meets Salvador Dali!" she eked out, when under pressure from the judges to explain herself), you'd better have melting, dripping clock faces on your garment, not a literal translation of a clock design on a sleeve.

And what of Jerrell? Didn't see a peek at him other than with his nighttime face mask, and then he shows a ruffly display of respectability? While not exactly night-life fare, I say good for you, Jerrell! He kind of came in from left field.

Suede's dress this week looked stiff and cheap, like something you'd find smushed in the racks at Forever 21. The longer he refers to himself in the third person, the more insufferable he becomes.

The Mad-Max themed fire hydrant-inspired outfit that Kelli designed looked interesting, but the detailing got lost on TV, what with all the matte-black fabric that just soaked up the light. It looked interesting, what little we saw of it.

Blayne, surprisingly good and better than anything he's done so far. And I like that when compared with his inspiration photo, you could see where the color ideas came from, although nothing I could ever imagine anyone wearing in reality.

Daniel, shiny-blah lame pageant gown cutoff? Joe, you literal-minded man, you! Eh, let him stay. Korto? Again with the black fabric that we can't really see the detail, but your silhouette looked good. You can stay, too.

But talk about silhouette, and staying true to your vision? The silhouette of Stella's garment showed she was totally in her element with this challenge... Despite not being able to turn on her camera for much of the allotted inspiration-capture time.

(How the woman doesn't set herself aflame is beyond me...)

Sure, it's likely an act, or it could be sleep deprivation, or all the partying she did in the 80s. But girlfriend knows her way around a grommet mallet and managed to annoy the heck out of some of the show's most annoying people, so Stella? Bang away!

What did you think?


Kitty said...

I had to wait til I saw the show to comment here, lol.

well, I am so bothered by so many of the contestants. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them. Suede and Blayne, obviously, but Stella, too. Many of them seem so intensely shallow and gross.

I didn't like Kenley's dress, either. ugh. And either Daniel or Joe, I don't remember which, with the thick black piping on the bodice. Ugh. It looked so 80s.

Because I don't like a lot of the contestants as people, I have a hard time with the show.

It's too bad. I like (top) chefs better. They're more about the food and down to earth.

Spandrel Studios said...

This season is pretty unremarkable... there's none of the spark that the previous seasons had. In three episodes, they've already recycled two old challenges - Gristede's grocery-store mayhem, and this one, which, albeit at night and in rain gear, was a rehash of Season 2's where Andre made his famed gutter-water dress.

I saw it mentioned somewhere that this season's designers were less skilled in the design department and seemed selected more for their antics (Blayne) than any design skills.

This is absolutely true, from what we've seen, and in the end could be supremely annoying, because one false move from the few who seem to have the chops, and we could be left with a truly wild and weird trio showing at Fashion Week.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I thought Kenley's dress was absolutely awful and I fully agree with the Marc Jacobs reference by the way. Every once in a while there's a piece I like, but generally I don't get him at all!!

I can barely remember the show and I only caught it this weekend, which says a lot.

Spandrel Studios said...

Fish, you're right, this season overall, is absolutely UNmemorable. Wonder if it gets any better, or if it's truly jumped the shark?