Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Runway Countdown!

Already, this is shaping up to be quite a busy week, with some gnashing of teeth and rapid-heartbeat projects at work... so I'm especially thrilled that:
  1. Project Runway ramps up this Thursday
  2. It will be shown at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (so I can keep to my regular sleep routine)
  3. It is still on Bravo, for the time being.
Tonight, I'll go in search of a nice bottle of wine to crack open to enjoy with the show. Any suggestions?


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ramps up on Thursday???? Isn't it on tonight at 9pm? http://www.bravotv.com/

Don't want you to miss it :-)

Spandrel Studios said...

Eeek!!! Thanks for the warning - and with moments to spare!

This clearly proves that this has been just such the Week from Hell that I don't know which day of the week it is!

Damn... didn't get the wine. :(

Kitty said...

lol. I saw the preview. How funny?
I'll have to watch a rerun when Mark's not home