Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway Episode 6: Drama Queens

Last week, when I saw the previews, I was just thisclose to not watching the drag queen episode that was scheduled for last night.

Chris March be damned - and he was one of my favorites last season - I just didn't feel like watching the designers create some wackadoo outfits that I'd never in a million years wear.

That's it. I said it.

The whole reason I watch Project Runway is that I think somehow, it will give me some fashion inspiration.

Day in, day out, I wear suits because they're easy, they fit and I know a few good manufacturers that fit my gigantic frame (I'm tall for a woman, and can't buy off the rack because of it - grr!).

But they're boring. Lowercase "b" they're so boring.

Yet the thought of wearing sequins to the next staff meeting, or a belt the size of a dinner plate, simply makes me break out in hives. That's why I'd mentally written off this episode.

So I was much-surprised when I found myself enjoying this episode. Not only for the design worthiness, since you got to see who really had the chops for serious construction and figure-flattering designs and pretty impressive execution.

But most of all, I enjoyed seeing the drag queens, both in an out of costume.

Seeing these guys like you'd see on the street traipse in during work day to try on the designers' wares, really drove home how much of an art form drag really is.

It takes a lot of artistry, possession of skill for dressing one's own body (and for some, mega workouts, to be sure!), and the ultimate in emphasizing the good and downplaying the not-so-hot aspects of one's physique.

While Varla kind of annoyed me with her Ann Margaret persona, she looked smokin' in that pink jumpsuit! So, Joe, my hat's off to you!


Kitty said...

somehow we managed to erase the Brooke Shields episode, but I watched this one last night. I guess it was interesting?

I'm not in love with this show anymore, though I was never completely in love with it. I think last night was my coming to terms with that, like seeing someone and no longer feeling that certain 'something'.

must've been tough and different to sew things for mens bodies

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Spandrel, I enjoyed this episode too, the drag queens made it. I'll probably continue to watch through the end of the season, I'm in the habit.

spandrel studios said...

Hey, Kitty. This season's been a bit off, which has definitely made it harder to get excited about.

Sounds like you and PR are officially "breaking up?"

Spandrel Studios said...

Fish, given all that's happened this season so far, with all the ho-hum episodes, this one surprised me, given how much I enjoyed it.

The one-on-one interviews with this group are just deadly boring, though... I think besides being less talented, they're less interesting people, overall -- and that's why the judges have some kind of pact to keep Blayne around!