Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clever Costumes

Over the years, I've admired the creativity of my colleagues at certain Halloween-celebrating organizations, friends, colleagues and kids who come to our doorstep seeking candy. Among the best have been:

* Washer/dryer set: this involved some boxes and white paint

* Windswept guy: he'd gelled his hair to the side and wired his ultra-baggy clothes to stick out in a westerly direction, tie askew, crumpled leaves and newspaper stapled to his outfit, which he topped off with an inside-out umbrella

* A creek: a colleague's kid did this one, by attaching blue and green cellophane to a navy sweatsuit, gluing goldfish crackers, leaves, rocks and sticks to mimic the topography

* An thermometer: a foil-wrapped bike helmet, a white sweatsuit, some shiny silver duct tape for the mercury and black electrical tape for the measurement markings.

* "Tree man": Self description offered by a four-year old who just toddled up to my steps just now - in a brown sleeper and hoodie combo, festooned with multi-colored fall leaves and sticks and glitter affixed all over.

Truly, I love those clever, homemade costumes the best.


Kitty said...

It's more fun when you're an adult and you can create these cool things, rather than pull them out of a package, though I've never been a costume person.

Some people are really good at it, I agree!

Spandrel Studios said...

With all the hustle and bustle of modern life, many parents just don't have the time to guide theri children in making those creative, homemade costumes I grew up with... so it's always a welcome surprise when someone does!

Surprisingly, nobody came to our door dressed as a presidential nominee, or even Sarah Palin(which was probably a good thing!).