Monday, October 27, 2008

Sign of the Times?

Saturday was awash in rain, one of those weird fall storms that just rained on and on and on.

All told, I drove about 15 miles that day. I seemed to loop in and out of pockets of everything from torrential rain and light sprinkling showers.

That didn't stop me from driving around, doing errands.

And as I drove past the train station I used to take into the city, I stopped at a light.

A few feet away, a fully opened red umbrella sat in the middle of the street, like symbolism in a dream.


bob c said...

so did u drive over that umbrella like you crushed the dreams of so many men back in high school and college?

spandrel studios said...

No, no dreams crushed - I drove beside it. Although, part of me wanted to leap out and put it up on the sidewalk so the owner had a chance of being reunited with it, but then, the light changed. The end.