Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway Episode 14: TGIO (or, Thank God It's Over)

Zip it up, this season's done! I can't remember a show where I've been so bored for so long, wondering why I was still watching, week after week.

I am glad that the winner was Leanne. But then after seeing Korto's clothes in action, I was a bit bummed she didn't get the nod. Korto's big, statement-piece jewelry really made the looks, and since she made them, even more snaps for her.

Don't worry, Korto. You've got talent, and winning that prize doesn't always amount to much (Sorry, Leanne!). You'll be fine and someone will back you.

Kenley's garish colors were just cheap-looking. Purples and fuchsias together? You'd see dresses like that at Kohl's, or on the clearance rack at Marshall's. Although spectacularly made, the dresses themselves were over- (or should I say under-) whelmed by her atrociously immature color story. I was so glad to see her summarily dismissed by Heidi once the decisions were made.

(Was I the only one, though, who thought it odd that Heidi didn't deliver the typical commentary about what earned the designer the auf before she bestowed the kiss of death? Oh, well. Guess it doesn't matter.)

The colors in Korto's line were sophisticated and bright without being manically happy. I loved them. The sheen was such that I couldn't envision wearing anything in her line, but I loved the feel, the consistency, the creativity.

In the end, aside from the interesting petal details (an evolution of the noodle!), Leanne's slipping in that she'd used sustainable fabrics probably gave her that added green edge that made her line more marketable, or more newsworthy.

Ultimately, of the three, Leanne's designs are the ones I could most covet. (I mean, probably not the bulbous skirt that overemphasized the model's hips, but that belted, multi-hued petaled-skirt/corset combo? That was hot!)

So, in the end, one of the best designers won, so at least the season ended on a slightly higher note.


Kitty said...

Hey I finally saw this last night.
I was pleasantly surprised by everyone's work. Having a lot of time makes a huge difference.

I actually didn't mind Kenley's colors. They were very bright, but we're going through a jewel tone phase currently. I was surprised that a lot of her things were actually nice; her personality has colored her clothing.

I thought Korto's work was great, too. Leanne's work looked like a cohesive collection. Sometimes the petals were a bit much, but I liked everything together.

In all I agree, I'm glad the season is over! Now onto Top Chef!

Spandrel Studios said...

If they really wanted to mix up the competitions during the season, they should throw in a challenge or two that gives them more than 24 hours to create a look!

Kenley's collection was representative of Florida, I read in one interview with her recently, and I could sooner see those colors on the streets of Miami, rather than in New York.

Partway through the season, I checked out Leanne's website - and her Etsy store. Not everything was petalized; she uses some kind of fabric embellishment in most pieces, or plays with structure. Leanne's definitely got a more cerebral style vs Korto's more emotional, evocative approach.

The jewelry pieces in Korto's collection really made it for me. And her clothing designs overall were pretty stunning and cohesive, too. Her color palette was my favorite.