Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Issue 6

I promise, this won't be all I write about from now on. But since January 1, I've been so busy I can't even stop to think. But for now here we go:

  1. Making unexpected connections with like-minded people.
  2. Experiencing an "a-ha!" moment.
  3. Realizing I really did manage to do more with friends in 2008.
  4. Getting off the phone with a friend who is so utterly calm, just five minutes of conversation with her managed to lower my blood pressure during an especially hectic day.
  5. The act of making tea.


Kitty said...

continued good things!

Are you stressed out because of work, Spandrel? I hope it's not too serious (though work is serious of course).

life is stressful these days in general, though i suppose in the Wild West days and other times, it was stressful, too. Hope you get some time to relax

Spandrel Studios said...

Yeah, Kitty, work's been insanely busy. But the other day, when I was talking to the shoe repair guy, he asked how things were at my company. I told him, "Extremely busy - I don't have a moment to think!" And he said solemnly, "Busy is good. In business, busy is *always* good."

It put things into stark perspective.

So I'm counting my proverbial blessings in that regard. I have a job. I like it. The people are good. But some days are so overwhelmingly busy, it's hard to catch a breath.

Tuesday I start back at the gym - I'm scheduling the time - and I think that will help a great deal.

Kitty said...

oh, good luck with the gym. I need to start up again, or else.

I agree. Busy is good. It's good to count one's blessings.