Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grace in Small Things: issue 20

  1. A cozy little restaurant
  2. The comfort of old stomping grounds
  3. Cathedrals that make the heart soar
  4. Shelter from the cold
  5. An unexpectedly entertaining movie


bob c said...

i'm enjoying your lists so i hope you keep 'em coming. re: the heart-soaring cathedrals every time I travel abroad or visit the occasional wonderful cathedral in the US I can't help but wonder how our society would have developed if our places of worship were more inspiring. it may sound silly, but i really believe there's a correlation.

spandrel studios said...

Thanks, bob c. There's really something to be said about building places of worship that speak to the people inside. Sadly, designs are probably dictated more by budgets than aesthetics here in the US.