Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eat Your Peas: Or, Yay, Quirky Girl!

Throughout Top Chef this season, Carla did not disappoint with her goofball commentary and wild-eyed expressions. But if last night's Top Chef is to be believed, she dazzled Jacques Pepin with her classical French training and made peas so sublime that it nearly brought the judges to tears.

How about that?

To have made it to the final four based on a very slow-and-steady-wins-the-race pace, building up steam, keeping her cool, showing some humor. Kudos to Carla!

In the end, unfortunately, I think Stefan will win if only because he seems tightly wound yet in control.

If you're watching Top Chef, who do you think will win?


fishwithoutbicycle said...

I agree that Stefan will probably win. He comes across as totally obnoxious, but a talented chef all the same. I do like Carla though, she seems more grounded than most and I do wish I could have tasted those peas ;-)

spandrel studios said...

Hey, Fish - glad to see you've come up for air! Hope work is calming down a bit...

At least it's good to know you're still keeping up with Top Chef and other worthy pursuits!

Kitty said...

Carla is such an absolute hoot, Mark and I crack up everytime she's on the screen. We had to watch the turtle impression a couple times.

it seems that everyone feels that Stefan will win. Some people feel the calibre of cooking is not so good this year. I'm not sure I agree.

Fabio should leave with his own cooking show. He is a hoot as well!

spandrel studios said...

Actually, I'm surprised Fabio made it this far... wasn't he routinely in the bottom three? Or losing quickfires left and right? Or was I imagining those?

It's definitely Fabio's personality that's kept him around this long, for sure. That and his simple roast chicken for Lydia this last episode in spite of cutting his finger.

Stefan's dishes routinely sound more elaborate and well-thought than the rest. I would love to be able to taste some of these dishes!

If I can get my hands on some fresh peas, I'm definitely going to give the recipe for peas a whirl.