Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grace: Issue 23 (Ode to Eric Ripert)

  1. The way his French accent twists the word "however" into a sexy little pretzel.
  2. The intensity with which he explains what he does - any teacher lacking passion for their profession could learn a thing or two from him.
  3. Those bracelets, which make you notice his talented hands (talented at food preparation!).
  4. The man is drop-dead gorgeous and doesn't act it. (That hair? Those eyes! That look of being completely in control yet somehow humble at the same time?)
  5. That meltingly sly way he has of looking up, or askance, or over his fork and bursting into that perfect smile.
Obviously, I've been watching too much Top Chef. So pardon me while I think about dinner at Le Bernardin... wow, that would be the ultimate for a woman with a silly crush and a penchant for delicious seafood. Ah, one can dream!


fishwithoutbicycle said...

He's lovely Eric isn't he, so talented, but so gracious and humble!! Supposedly he goes to the local gourmet deli near where I live, so I keep my eyes peeled, but I've yet to spot him :-)

spandrel studios said...

Hi, Fish. Ah, to bump into him at my neighborhood shop would be a dream! Keep your eyes peeled!

Hope things are going better for you at work these days!