Sunday, October 7, 2007

Is Work Working for You?

Research shows that the majority of Americans dislike their jobs. Recently, I was sitting in a restaurant during my lunch hour, and for various reasons, had to change my seat a couple of times during the 26 minutes I spent scarfing down my Uptown Turkey sandwich.

As I ate, I sat within earshot of at least 5 different people complaining about their jobs. Describing heated misunderstandings between coworkers. Bosses that played favorites. The dead-end nature of whatever they were stuck doing at that moment. The politics they had to navigate. And some downright mean behavior that seemed totally out of line from what I could tell (I was just eavesdropping; I know I just got one side of the story, there).

But what is it about workplaces that lend themselves to all these Machiavellian shenanigans? We have a common goal, a boss that steers us in the right direction, and colleagues we collaborate with to get there, right?

Or is that a totally naive point of view?

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