Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daily Grace: Issue 34

  1. Dress shopping with my Mom, my sister and my niece - three generations of funny women.
  2. Deciding to buy cool shoes (to be worn to work later) to jazz up a little black dress already in my closet.
  3. Walking several miles in one day after too much time away from the gym.
  4. Spending time playing "The Candy Game" - which consists of naming random kinds of candy - during a car ride with my niece.
  5. Realizing that simpler can be better, in fancy dresses and in most areas of life.


Kitty said...

keep up the great work, Spandrel!

do you notice a difference with your life, after acquiring this habit?

I'd imagine that gratitude only expands what there is to be grateful about. Love to know how it is.

spandrel studios said...

Hey, Kitty. Admittedly, I've actually been quite lax in the grace department. But overall, I think it's true... the more you train your focus on the good things around you, the more you have to be thankful for.

The hard part is keeping focused on the good when the day-in, day-out has been stressful. Or boring. Or uninspiring. Shaking off any bad vibe to find the good in those days can have a restorative effect. Some days, it takes a little more creativity to find the grace. But it's there!