Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maximal Weekend

This weekend went by in a - poof! - of activity.

It all started off bright and early Saturday morning, where I snagged a prime parking spot in the city for $2 (just one block from my destination - hurrah!).

Got a haircut from my excellent stylist (always seems a little flatter than I'm used to, but we'll see).

Stopped by a small bead show (spent way too much - but it's inspired me to make more jewelry to sell to de-stash, so stay tuned for more details!).

Lunched with my Mom and my aunt (we are dweebs and all ordered the same thing: crab cake sandwich, but we enjoyed it immensely).

Trekked to Crate and Barrel to check out media consoles (none accommodate our weird too-large speaker).

Slept straight through the night (a deep, dreamless sleep, which is a huge departure).

Celebrated a friend's milestone birthday with her beyond-lovely family (a surprise brunch that actually knocked the socks off the guest of honor, who smiled for hours).

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