Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grace Issue 33: State of Mind

  1. Ever since I can remember, 3 has been my lucky number. The fact that this is the 33rd issue of Grace made me smile.
  2. I enjoy the connections I have made with people who are like-minded, and those who are entirely different from me.
  3. Having too much to do leaves me feeling very unsettled. Lists don't help in that regard; in fact, a lengthy list can make me hyperventilate because it puts all my obligations in stark black and white.
  4. My desk at work is currently more organized than it's been in months.
  5. While I thoroughly enjoy gardens and appreciate the beauty of flowers and utility of fresh herbs, I do not have a good track record in terms of keeping them alive. So the fact that bulbs I planted 10 years ago continue to bloom year after year as a harbinger of spring continues to amaze and enthrall me. And they're finally peeking out of the mulch!

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