Monday, April 20, 2009

Delayed Gratification

As bulbs burst forth each spring, it's one of the most heartening things you can catch sight of, bleary from a winter of icy-cold temps and gray skies.

Each spring, my heart lifts as the green shoots peek out from under the mulch. And when the flowers appear? Smiles every day.

Having planted tulips and hyacinths (and weren't there a few daffodils?) probably more than 10 years ago, they're getting a little more peaked each year.

So I"m putting in my calendar for October to gather more bulbs, stock up on knee pads, break out the flannel shirt and get cracking.

The hard work you put into it is definitely worth the reward.


bob c said...

are you implying that there is a correlation b/w hard work & reward?
you obviously know nothing about management ;-)

spandrel studios said...

Actually, the reward in this case far outweighs the work... plant he bulbs once, and they're the kind of gift that keeps on giving! said...

My husband spent five dollars the other day to bring me an armload of priceless sunshine.

Tulips'll do that for you everytime!


spandrel studios said...

Aw, cookingschoolconfidential, your husband sounds like a sweetie! Anyone who thinks to bring home tulips is OK in my book!