Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grace: Issue 41

  1. Looking forward to the full moon tomorrow--things are so zany, already, who can predict what will happen!?
  2. Realizing work will never be done. It's just that one can momentarily hold back the floodgates for a time, hopefully long enough to squeeze in some creative thinking.
  3. Whimsically purchasing an Elle magazine, only to find quirky layouts, inspiring articles and colorful, uplifting imagery, for once. (And I admit, I even like reading the numerology and horoscopes -- and in other news, watch out, as apparently I am a force to be reckoned with this month!)
  4. Getting ready for Easter, with ham, pirogis and carrot souffle on the menu.
  5. Trusting my instincts, and feeling like I finally know more than I give myself credit for.


Kitty said...

I like these, especially #5 :-)

Really sounds like you are trying to squeeze everything good out of every day. That's really the best we can do.

I hope you look back on these posts years from now!

spandrel studios said...

Thanks, Kitty! Some days, finding the good is a little more challenging, but it's definitely there.