Saturday, April 4, 2009

Graceless Under Pressure

Oy, what a week. Deadline upon deadline. Challenge after challenge. Confrontation and exhortations.
And through it all, did I maintain my composure? Keep my cool? Roll with it, baby?
Um, no.
I ranted. I raved. I bitched and moaned. Enough with keeping it all in. I let it all out. (Well, not all. But to my shocked and surprised cohorts, it must have sure seemed that way.)
Frankly, I am sick and tired of bottling everything up...
Of taking one for the team...
Of being a trooper, a good egg, a team player.
It's not good for my health, my heart, my creativity, my mind.
But I'm looking at the crazy-windy weather we're experiecing today as blowing away all that negative crud, breezing in new energy, wild ideas and upbeat moods.


heather said...

hooray! good philosophy!

spandrel studios said...

thanks, but man, some days even a good, strong breeze is no match for a crabby mood!