Friday, December 28, 2007

Stacy London: Shut Up!

As a long-time viewer of TLC's What Not to Wear, I had high hopes for Stacy London's new show, Fashionably Late.

Despite having some pretty solid fashion experience, and a great eye, for her talk show Ms. London seems to have adopted an over-the-top persona that is ridiculous at best.

I knew that this was just not destined to be one of my favorites during tonight's episode, where she paws the black shirt of Take-Home Chef Curtis Stone with powdered-sugar hands during a dessert-making segment, gets him to adjust her apron, and makes weird double-entendres about a defenseless vanilla bean.

Stacy should just take a fashion maven's approach, make people over as they walk down the street, get commentary on daily fashion from New Yorkers passing by, interview up-and-coming designers (without fawning all over them making ham-handed references to freebies that the fashion gliterati enjoy).

That would be far more interesting than watching her trying desperately to entertain.


kitty said...

I like the What Not to Wear show, too, for unknown reasons. Maybe it's just the banter between the two hosts? She's on the verge of being extremely annoying on it.

I don't doubt she's very annoying on her new show. I'll pass!

Spandrel Studios said...

WNTW is Friday-night mindless TV at its best - and the banter between the two of them is part of the charm. It's also good for getting one's mind off of whatever work agita exists at the end of the work week - at least it does that for me!

But... I'm determined that 2008 will find me enjoying work more and obsessing over it less. Hope it's a good year for you, too, Kitty!