Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Diablo Cody's Shoe Hissy Fit

What a way to upstage your Academy Award win: Diablo Cody wore her schlumpy gold flats to the awards show because the Stuart Weitzman shoes she was loaned were really for PR purposes? The nerve of that company!

(Note to Diablo: If you really wanted to hide as you claim, you would have worn a black dress. Or even red, given the sea of red that swarmed the theater Sunday evening. Not a "Look-at-me!" animal print.)

Even a writer should realize that on awards night, strolling down the red carpet is just another form of "the media and the message" - and that nothing comes for free. Now she'll forever have to pay retail, just like the rest of us.

Also: Not smart to wear a dress slit up to your pupik when there's even the remotest chance you may have to climb some stairs in full public view. On camera. In front of nearly a billion people, no less.

Despite all this, of all the awards that Juno was up for, original screenplay was probably the most deserving. Great story, well told.


Meredith said...

I also am enjoying the nudie pics of Diablo that were leaked the day after the Oscars. And how so many media sites are teasing it as a big shock. Because, uh huh, it's a surprise that there are nudie pics of a former stripper.

Spandrel Studios said...

Yeah, somehow everyone missed all those interviews with Diablo Cody before the Awards show where that's pretty much all that was talked about?