Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Photo a Year

I love things like this. When you look at each year, and consider the physical changes etched on each person's face, doesn't it make you wonder what was going on, then?

During certain years, you can just see the parents aging more rapidly than in others. Or that something heavy is weighing on their minds. Especially for the mother during the sleep-deprived years a new baby entered the family.

But I guess that's not surprising -- what mother doesn't worry?

And with three boys -- are there more worries or fewer? Just different? I come from a family of girls, where the women in the household outnumbered my father.

What made the boys grow beards at certain points, or shave them off at others? Rebellion? Exams? Style?

Similarly, the Seven Up! documentary series has always fascinated me. But that's another post (or two, or seven) for sure.

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