Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Project Runway's Christian in the Lead

Surprise, surprise, even the poll I ran on this blog revealed that people think Christian -- garnering 60% of the vote -- is a shoe-in to win Project Runway.

(Jillian got 30% and Rami just 10% of the vote. Chris got nada.)

I'm wondering, though ... given all the attention he's received during this season, it just seems unlikely. In theory, I know the producers don't know who's going to win during the course of the show. But they still reserve the right to choose whomever they want.

And who wants to watch the finale if there's no element of surprise?

There hasn't been anything on Bravo to hint at any dramatic tension, yet. Maybe they'll ratchet it up after tomorrow's episode.

Maybe during the hometown visits, Tim will be startled to find some seismic shifts going on to cast doubt over everything we've come to think this season.

It's fun to think about what could result during those visits... For example, Tim Gunn could:
  • Declare Christian's three-color "sophisticated" palette is just too-Donna Karan circa 1987.
  • Find something spectacularly artistic during his visit to Rami's abode that proves that he is more than a drape-master.
  • See Jillian's ideas taking shape in a collection that kicks Ralph to the curb.
  • Unveil in Chris's collection an aesthetic that had been heretofore buried under his attention-seeking portfolio of Wonder Woman costumes and broadway showpieces.

Seeing the collections in photographs is just completely different from seeing them stride down the runway.

Two seasons ago, I remember thinking Chloe's collection looking prom-ish and fusty in the photos. But seeing the models strut down the runway really sold her collection. And it's difficult to get a bead on the workmanship from a still photo.

As they say, "We shall soon see!"

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