Friday, February 8, 2008

A Stranger Made Me Get a New Haircut

"I'm not a miracle worker!" the hair stylist shrieked, when I asked her to pump up the volume on my hair during my last haircut.

O-kaaayyy, I thought. Time to find a new stylist...

Never mind that what I was asking was not impossible -- I went home, washed my hair, and achieved the look I wanted. It was all about the Attitude, capital A.

Last weekend, when I was out for coffee, I sat behind a woman whose hair looked fabulous -- and it looked similar in texture to mine, too. So I asked her where she got it cut. Got the stylist's name and everything.

What a difference the attitude makes!

The new stylist is awesome. She kept up just enough chatter during the cut, asked great questions and put me at ease the whole time.

And the price was almost half what I'd been paying before.

Other people have marveled that I asked a stranger about her haircut. But I say, why not? That's the best advertisement any salon can have -- people who do a great job.


Kitty said...

that's awesome!
I am in dire need of a cut before they throw me out onto the streets. Seems like I have to make an appt years in advance.

A nice do works wonders on the psyche. It really matters!

Spandrel Studios said...

I'm sure in New York it's more of a hassle to get an appointment where you want, with so many people vying for appointments...

These days, I'm trying to take advantage of my ultra-flexible schedule and make appointments during the middle of the day, which has helped tremendously.

Maybe if you have any time off before the new job starts you can squeeze in a daytime appointment?