Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Heart Sweet Leaf Tea

I admit, it was the Granny cartoon mascot that drew me in one day while at a gourmet market, looking for something to drink with my overpriced lunch.

But one sip of this stuff, and its cane sugar sweetness, and you'll never go back to high-fructose corn syrup sweetened Snapple.

(Digression: I once met a guy who traveled on business with a full case of Snapple Lemon Tea in his luggage - his assistant confirmed that every day he glugged down two bottles of the stuff before his first 8 a.m. meeting and simply could not operate without it.)

Anyway, Sweet Leaf Tea has become my obsession, and while their Lemonade Tea is pretty good, and they have the obligatory Peach and Green Tea versions, their original Sweet Leaf Tea is just spectacular.

Go out and try it!


Christina and Ash Huzenlaub said...

Check out their movie too on how they started - you should embed it in your blog!

Kitty said...

I will have to check it out!

I was addicted previously to Vitamin Water, until I realized how much $$$ I was pouring down the drain.

Now I just stick to free coffee and juice at work.

Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Christina. And actually, the video on their site about Cane Sugar vs Corn Syrup should be enough to turn health-conscious people into believers!

spandrel studios said...

Kitty - I've tried Vitamin Water, but just haven't found a flavor I like. This tea is still sweet, but has fewer grams of sugar than other brands, so fewer calories... and the taste is superb!

But you've gotta love free, employer-provided beverages! Wish mine provided Sweet Leaf Tea!