Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway Episode 8: The Day the Music Died

So, I could see where this was headed. Although she lives in the meatpacking district area, Stella is just such a marked contrast to Diane Von Furstenberg, that despite her ability to adapt the challenge to her point of view, we were headed for a terrible train wreck.

Or was that simply the story we were fed?

Kenley's dress, while the fit and execution (sewing-wise) looked pretty strong, I must be the only person in the country that hated that wacky print. I thought the lace lace collar was dreadful and the black belt just wrong-wrong-wrong. She nailed the silhouette, but she came in second for a reason...

Leanne, you Quirky-Girl, you are surprising me! The dress was just beyond chic - it called to mind the Anette Bening character in that movie (from the 80s?) Bugsy. Sexy, flowy, emphasizing all the assets. The jacket looked like a modified hoodie that the judges somehow just decided to ignore in making their choice, which was just as well.

Joe got a major reprieve, and should just pack his bags because he'll be on the road to nowhere sometime soon.

Granted, Stella's heart didn't seem entirely in it, and maybe that's the problem.

And a part of me is convinced she threw the race. (Perhaps the first time anyone's thrown the competition in the show's history? Can you think of another?)

The seatbelt skirt last week barely held together. The trash bags, for crying out loud!

When getting her auf smooch, she acknowledged her own ego was probably too big to last long in this alterna-reality world, and I think she was right.

I mean, she knew she was outta there.

Witness, her exit ensemble: Her leathuh, full makeup and shiny blowout. Brilliant!


Kitty said...

I have to say that Stella grew on me. I didn't like her at all at first, but I thought she was pretty genuine as a person.

I find Kenley kind of annoying but I see a lot of insecurity there. Actually the insecurity of everyone came jumping out because of Diane's presence. You could see it in the interviews, how everyone seemed so overconfident with their work (Joe, Suede).

I liked Leanne's work, too. She manages to work well under pressure and pull stuff out.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Leanne and Korto are becoming favourite. I used to like Kenley, but I hated that dress she made in the last challenge and her "I nailed it" attitude was irritating.

Spandrel Studios said...

Stella grew on me in terms of her "character," which in the end, it seems, is her real personality. That, I like - that she seemed pretty real.

Leanne's work has been startlingly good. I think she played it low-key at the beginning to not rock the boat, and then build up to show the judges that she's really got some major talent hidden behind that quiet, calm exterior.

spandrel studios said...

Fish, I agree with you about how Kenley's become more annoying with time. She was so focused on "selling" her design and pumping up her own work that what she thoughtw as confidence instead came across as arrogance.

The dress did nothing for me - and her fabric choices throughout the season have been just bizarre.