Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project Runway Episode 11: Sayonara Suede

Suede really got the shaft this week. Poor guy. Although his talents were limited and his character was annoying - especially given the third person references - he seemed like a nice enough guy, unlike Kenley, who struck me as evil from early on.

Kenley really crossed a line when she basically dissed Tim and his advice. Especially galling when she essentially took his advice the previous week.

Why didn't Michael Kors really call her on her 'tude?! She should have received the fashion-is-about-criticism-girlie, so get used to it talking-to that he'd given other designers in the past.

Kenley needs to grow up, take the criticism for what it's worth, learn from it, retool and move on.

Another site pointed out that this season, the producers went more for character (oh, really?) and less for talent.

Personally, I'd take talent any day.

It takes more creativity on the editors' and producers' part to make a good season out of it. Picking "characters," as pseudo as they may be, cheapens the show and makes for much more boring television.

Good thing Bravo still has a shot of keeping the show in their stable!


Kitty said...

I liked Suede a lot more than I did Kenley. She is just too much. Ugh. I'm sure she'll be the next to go.

Jerrell will probably win, you think? or what's name? I really do hope the producers take a cue from this season and find better contestants next time.

Spandrel Studios said...

Jerrell is a real contender; early in the season, I didn't get his aesthetic at all - witness the Holly Hobbie Olympics uniform. But he's got a way with textures and trims that make his designs definitely interesting!

Leanne's kind of come into her own when she's left to her own devices... it's the goofier challenges where she's given the weird constraints (or harsh personalities to deal with) that she veers off-course.

Suede was easier to deal with than Kenley. She has such the annoying personality, and like Tim Gunn said on the Craig Ferguson show, Kenley's very insecure and has a lot of growing up to do...

Talent should definitely win over character, the next go-round!