Sunday, September 28, 2008

Netflixable: Burn After Reading

While down the shore last week, we had one rainy-awful day that made taking long walks on the beach unpleasant, if not impossible.

So, we did just like I did as a kid during vacations: we took in a movie.

Unfortunately, the theater in the town we stayed in had nothing playing that we were interested in (the latest Nicholas Cage debacle, for instance, and the DeNiro/Pacino movie that just looked a little too violent for vacation fare).

Luckily, we found a theater just a few miles away that was showing Burn After Reading. I love all the Coen Brothers movies, whether they make sense or not. And John Malkovich just seems so unhinged.

This one received so-so reviews, but maybe because there was not much going on that day, it was totally dreary and rainy, and my expectations were set pretty low, entertainment-wise, but I loved this 97-minute goof.

Mr. Spandrel gave it an "eh," mainly because he felt that it was hard to see where things were going during the first half of the movie. The minute the credits rolled, the woman sitting on the other side of him burst out with a "Worst. Movie. Ever!"

But I thought the connections that were revealed made sense, there were laugh-out-loud points and randomness such as you'd find in life. That's all I'll say.

That, and add it to your queue when you have a chance.


Kitty said...

hm....someone was talking about this movie to me the other day, and I don't remember what was said. I thought it was a positive review? But violent? I honestly don't recall.

we so, so seldom go to movies in the theaters these days because of horrible experiences (getting the tickets, rude moviegoers).

The last movie we saw on the big screen may have been No Country for Old Men, which I really regretted seeing. My face was buried in my hands.

we'll have to keep a look out for this movie when it rolls out on dvd!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I saw this movie on Friday for exactly the same reasons, I needed to escape from the rain. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved George Clooney's bewildered facial expressions and the CIA bureaucrats ;-)

Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Kitty. This movie had a touch of violence, but nowhere close to that of No Country. I really think you might like it! I'd guess that the petty annoyances of suburban movie theaters (waiting in line, running commentary from people during the movie, cellphone texting) are probably exacerbated 100-fold in NY, given the volume of people involved.

Fish, you're so right about Clooney. He's one of my favorite actors, and not just because of his looks. He really has some range. The bureaucrats were such a hoot! Glad to hear someone else enjoyed this one!