Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway Episode 10: It's Fixed, I Tell Ya!

You could call it divine intervention, fate, karma, what-have-you.

I say those buttons in Heidi's bag were stacked.

That the producers matched up the designer with the model/graduate that would make for the most interesting show.

How else could you explain Kenley getting the vintage mini-me? (And what of the rant how Tim doesn't understand her style, that she's not cutting down that tulle? Yet on the runway, just an inch or so of the stuff peeked out from the hem?)

Jerrell designing for the printmaking major who'll work as an artist's assistant? (Can I tell you? I love-love-love this look! I would wear it myself tomorrow if I could get my hands on it.)

Joe - whose lower-level skills make him fit-challenged to begin with - being given the largest model? (Did that jacket have tails, as in tuxedo?)

And Suede being paired with the photographer who loves pants - an item that he just can't sew? (Toward the end, I could hear the producers nerves begin to fray because, drat! She fell in love with his mall-rat dress.)

Saddling Leanne with the mother-daughter team that was all a-twitter with opinions for just-add-water instant drama? (You could see her head spinning as she had to rework the dress after the first fitting when it was too matronly - and probably "too Leanne." But in the end, her pleats made an appearance, and all seemed well, despite throwing her into the bottom three for a little bit o' drama.)

The only one who seemed unfazed was Korto (who in typical Korto fashion, kept her laid-back cool with her model... but I think Korto's really in the zone, has the skills, knows her stuff, and realizes that she's just got to keep producing whatever she likes and she'll be safe).

This particular episode was poorly filmed edited. I kept wanting to tap people on the back and ask them to get out of the way and let me see what was going on. Obviously, a tactic of the director's, keep things hidden until the runway show, but still annoying.

Are we there, yet? I'm getting so bored with this season...

So, Joe and his interview costume didn't make the grade.

Kenley again looked miffed when the judges didn't give her the highest grades.

Jerrell hitting all the right notes with his artsy-fashionable take on an artist's assistant.

And while the jacket ended up being a fitted, gorgeous triumph, Korto's design would have been more flattering to her model overall if the skirt had been just a couple of inches longer. I think the judges just didn't want to insult the college grad by saying so. Regardless, the client adored it.

I still say the final three remain:
  • Jerrell
  • Korto
  • Leanne
But who'd be surprised about that, at this point?


Kitty said...

I somehow missed this one but I'm taping it.

I just watched the one about the musical genres. How did it get to be four designers left so quickly? It's going to be close.

I dunno what to think, except that Kenley really annoys me. Eek.

Spandrel Studios said...

Kitty, you're not alone in feeling annoyed by Kenley. They've definitely cast her in the mold of Wendy Pepper - a one-note designer who the producers are anxious to keep simply because she's mouthy.

These middle-range episodes can feel so tedious. And this last go-round, when they had to design for each other? Ugh, I hate that gimmick.

It will all be over soon enough, I guess. But you'd think they could plan the schedule better so that they're closer to the final 3 by the time Fashion Week rolls around. That definitely removes some of the mystique for me.