Friday, November 2, 2007

Contain Yourself

For many years, I've heard a lot about The Container Store.

That it was one of the Best Places to Work, according to Fortune magazine.

That the place had more stuff to contain your stuff than anywhere else under the sun.

That its customer service is top-notch. (Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!)

Well, they're finally opening one within a drivable distance. And they're donating 10% of grand opening sales at this location to a good cause.

Since it's not far from my aunt's place, I may take a field trip and check it out.

Question: What's your best organizing solution?


heather said...

let me know when you're going. is it too late? i'd be game to meet up to shop and then grab a lil' lunch at pf chang's... :)

organizing solution: keep on it daily even if you can only do small things in small doses.

Spandrel Studios said...

Your organizing solution is a good one - akin to my husband's favorite mantra: "Don't put it down, put it away!"

Stephanie said...

1.filing cabinets - cull periodically
2. Palm Pilot or Blackberry - lighter than a Daytimer and you don't have everything crossed out and written over
3. Microsoft Money - if you don't track your spending, you'll never reach your goals!
4. cabinets that can be installed flush with the wall - ordered from - perfect for the narrow space between my kitchen and living room
5. I could go on and on....

Spandrel Studios said...

Great ideas, Stephanie!

I want a Blackberry or Treo so I can have fewer devices, in addition to shedding weight. However, after years of using a Palm, this year I've reverted back to a handwritten daily planner to capture each day's tasks. For some reason, it's more satisfying than using my pda (although I could still use those audible reminders).

Totally agree about using some sort of software to track your spending (I use Quicken and love it). How can you budget if you don't know what you spend, right?