Sunday, November 25, 2007

Poor Tim Gunn

Not only is this guy saddled with being Creative Director of Liz Claiborne - which has become the inescapable, dowdy powerhouse of "I give up" fashion at department store juggernauts across the nation - but his Tim Gunn's Guide to Style show is just not hitting the mark.

Today I watched an episode that I'd recorded and realized I fast-forwarded through more than I watched.

Instead of Veronica Webb, they should pair him with Isaac Mizrahi. But then, Isaac would chew up the scenery, leaving poor Mr. Gunn in his wake of fabulous commentary and wackadoo ideas.

But still? Maybe better television.


kitty said...

hm. I sort of agree, but I'm very addicted to this show.

I think I love the show because of Tim. He's earnest and serious about fashion. I love that.

what I don't love is how formulaic it is - the color coded bins, the computerized body. There are only a few body types, anyway. Once you go through them all, it's repetitive.

I'm addicted to 'What not to wear', too, which is slightly better. Stacy and Clinton draw out the whole process a bit more. What's most remarkable are the hair/makeup renovations. They make the most difference.

great blog! keep up the writing!

Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Kitty. Despite my criticisms of it, I can't stop watching Tim Gunn's show. Didn't mean to be so harsh on him...

I have a lot of respect for Tim as a fashion guide. His commentary on Project Runway kept me riveted from Season 1; he obviously knows fashion and fit and construction. My biggest issue is the lack of chemistry between Tim and Veronica - he's such a straight man he needs someone more lively to balance him out. The last few shows, though, I've noticed her loosening up a tiny bit.

The show's formula is basically why I fast-forward through the show - wish they spent more time on real fashion commentary. For me, it's also the strangely formal "bestowing of the gifts" segments that interrupt the flow.

"What Not to Wear" is my favorite Friday-night de-stress show. And although the basic structure of each episode is the same (ambush-rehash-teach-shop-makeover), I like that they take a few creative liberties here and there to change it up a little and make it relate to the show's candidate.

Totally agree about the hair/makeup transformations - they really work some magic, Nick and Carmindy.

And I have to say, I'm so glad I discovered your blog this week!