Friday, November 23, 2007

The Games We Play

The game's been around for ages, but many people in my family had never heard of Pictionary, the diversion my sister had brought to our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday . . .

Which was a great way to get everyone laughing and focused on something other than the dinner preparations that were under way in the next room.

We split into four teams, and were off!

Highlights included my nephew's lightning-fast stick figure drawing representing "bend over backwards" which scored us some major points, while my Mom's airplane/people drawing paired with a right-angle caused my father-in-law to blurt out the correct answer, "Wright Brothers!" even though he wasn't even on their team. (That incited a bit of bickering amongst the judges, but in the end, we got the point since it was all in good fun.)

And I know, it's lame to talk about Pictionary tournament and have no pictures at all to share from it. But honestly we were having such a good time that nobody remembered to take any photos.

There was laughing, teamwork, and joking all around - what better way to kick off a family event?

After after a traditional dinner with all our favorites - sausage stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, brandied sweet potatoes, to name a few - we wrapped up the day with way too much dessert . . . and I can think of no better way to end.

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