Tuesday, November 27, 2007

French Alternative to Black Friday

Wandering through the street stalls, shopping for chocolates and foie gras and other delicious reminders that you're not in Kansas anymore, the Paris Christmas Markets are a harbinger of the holidays, the French answer to Black Friday.

The scenes at night look to be especially lovely.

The meandering pace of an outdoor market lit up at night seems so much more enticing than wading through the jammed racks at Macy's in an overheated shopping mall.


Lo-Cal Lori said...

I wandered over here from Suburban Bliss. I design cards (and other stuff). What are you looking for? I can show you some that you can choose from or I can design a one of a kind for you. :)


Spandrel Studios said...

Thanks for posting, lo-cal lori! Just after I posted that, I found what I may need at a local shop. Are you an Etsy-er, too?