Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's All in the (Positive) Attitude

One very smart boss I had pointed out that, in some circumstances, staying positive can make all the difference between motivating a team to complete even the most challenging project on time and under budget, or whipping the group into a frenzy and missing the deadline.

It was all in the attitude.

And through the years I've found this to be true. A little bit of positive energy can go a long way.

A [huge project] to be completed [within just a few hours or days]? No problem! (Substitute your [thing] and [timeframe] as appropriate.)

Part of it is Tina Fey's "Say yes, and you'll figure it out afterward." She points out that many exciting things have happened to her since adopting that attitude. (I love that quote - and look where she is now!)

Now, I'm no Pollyanna . . . there are some projects that are too much, too fast, too complex to be done effectively within the stated constraints.

But for those that are just a little bit of a stretch, focusing on the possibilities rather than the downsides may help you suss out the solution.

It might take a little encouragement to make it happen, whether it comes from telling yourself, or hearing it from someone else.

Are you thinking positively today? Can you help someone else see the possibilities?

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