Monday, January 21, 2008


Went to see Atonement with two friends who also had the day off. The movie was spectacularly filmed... with lush English countryside, war scenes that inspired chills and dread, the sad realities of caring for the wounded in hospital.

One person I know who saw it before us recommended it, despite having found it rather slow.

"Go, you'll love it, the period costumes are incredible, the scenery is gorgeous," he said. And it was. The two hours zipped by. But not just because of the visuals, but because of the story.

It was a story told in quiet moments, in reading the characters' faces, their body language. Unlike other movies based on well-known novels, this one may actually inspire me to read Ian McEwan's book to confirm precisely what they were all thinking during the twists and turns of this quietly bumpy ride.


Kitty said...

There are a bunch of good films out there I'm dying to see. Atonement, yes, and especially The Kite Runner. I hear great things about it, and because of that, I'm a little askeered of seeing it!

I love period pieces, though. They're wonderful!

Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Kitty. I love period movies, too - the costumes and scenery just transport you to another time and place.

I've also heard good things about The Kite Runner, too, but haven't been able to see it yet. There Will Be Blood is another movie on my list, but am sort of afraid to go see. The music during the trailer was so ominous that I worry I'll be on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Kitty said...

well, There Will be Blood isn't tooo bad. I'd see it on the big screen, if I were you. The visuals are quite good, and of course, there's Daniel DL. The music is really well done.

I'd caution you against No Country for Old Men. I didn't enjoy that movie at all. Too much.

Stephanie said...

I was actually kind of disappointed with Atonement. Yes the costumes were great as was the acting but the story jumped around a little too much for my taste and it did drag in the middle.