Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blue Skies and Tranquility

This is a piece that I made for my sister. She has really gorgeous blue eyes, and they are particularly clear and intense whenever she wears blue.

When I first purchased the borosilicate glass bead in the necklace's pendant, I had the good fortune to meet Tamara Melcher, the bead artist behind The Clear Bead. She was very kind, obviously devoted to her craft. And she packaged her sales carefully, like she was letting go of a friend.

This bead is so smooth and the swirls of color are so alive, I didn't want to just make it into any old necklace and then sell it to a stranger.

When I showed my sister this and a few other one-of-a-kind beads I'd purchased during that same outing, she zeroed in on this one. She liked the smoothness, too, but the colors were especially captivating.

Sometimes a piece of jewelry comes together easily, other times it's a struggle to find just the right combination of beads and silver components to highlight the beauty of a stone, or a focal bead.

When I was thinking of what to pair with this bead, I found a great strand of kyanite, a quartz crystal that helps promote communication, encourages tranquility, and is purported to be excellent for meditation and dream recall.

So, like that, it became a gift of tranquility.

This is one I'm really proud of.

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