Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Starbucks Diet

Over the past year, I've been cutting back on my Starbucks intake.

Partly out of wanting to save the cash, but also because we all know the specialty drinks are loaded with sugar, and as a person who can't tolerate the fake stuff, there we are.

At one point just two years ago, my drink of choice was a decaf Grande vanilla skim latte - almost five days a week.

Part of the reason I would parttake was the camaraderie, jaunting off to the cafe with my friends added a bit of fun to the work day.

But eventually, like all good (bad) habits, I grew to really, really look forward to that jolt of sugar to get me through the afternoon.

Although the number of trips I make each week has reduced greatly, I've also decided that when I do go, I make it a Tall.

And huh. I've lost more than 5 lb over the past year, all else being equal!

Like any good diet (well, not a diet really; just a positive, lasting habit change), it's about portion control, and cutting out where you miss it the least is the easiest way to start.

Go ahead, give it a go. Surely there's a place you can cut out something you won't miss, or swap in a good substitute that makes you feel healthier?


Kitty said...

portion control is my weak spot. I eat like a man, or a small horse. Or possibly like both combined.

For some reason, my body can handle it now, but I need to cut back before I explode into fat farm material. My eating habits reflect my state of mind, sadly. If I'm stressed and worked hard, control is thrown out the window.

I don't have a sweet tooth, thank god, but I have to eat less! Thanks for the reminder, SS. It's great that you cut back on Starbucks (I hate them. I don't know their language and don't care to learn!)

Spandrel Studios said...

Portion control is so incredibly hard to manage, especially if one eats out with any regularity. Portions in many restaurants are just huge. It kind of wears you down after a while and suddenly a steak the size of a shoe looks normal, like dinner.

If you're under tremendous stress, it's better not to add to your mental-stress burden by worrying about the food intake... really, it could be the excess food that gives you the superhero strength to go on! Then you can worry about the excess later.

Ah, Starbucks... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Here in the suburbs, locally owned coffeeshops are few and far between, so it's often - sadly - the only option for a place to meet-up with friends. I have two friends who keep toying with the idea of opening their own shops; I think they'd be overrun with business, and overjoyed at the entrepreneurial-ness of it all, if they just gave it a shot.

sid said...

5lbs? That's a lot. The idea seems nice in theory but putting it in practice ...

Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Sid - welcome! I agree, it *is* a lot - but it was an awful lot of sugar I was ingesting!

At small, local coffeehouses that use bean blends that are less bitter, I typically have regular coffee with just milk, no sugar at all. (Starbucks' coffee is so bitter, I can't do that just yet.)

Anonymous said...

and i was the guilty friend... i do miss our coffee dasy though :)

Spandrel Studios said...

I know!!! I miss those coffee jaunts, too. For some reason the other day I was thinking about the lottery-ticket lady! Wonder if she's still sporting frosted-pink lipstick...

Now that I'm less about the latte, for plain coffee, I'm now addicted to Chestnut Hill Coffee Co's brew.