Sunday, January 6, 2008

Written in Ink

My husband is totally bemused by the fact that I've watched all those ink shows - Miami Ink, LA Ink, London Ink - at one time or another.

Why? Because I am the least likely person he knows to get a tattoo.

Aside from the pain (for which my tolerance levels rival that of a newborn), I can't think of a symbol that I would like to have permanently committed to my person.

I'm too much of a magpie, intrigued by a huge range of visual imagery.

One day it might be chiaroscuro paintings. Another, contrasty black and white photography. Or modern line drawings. Cartoons.

So mainly it's the permanence that keeps me away.

While I've met many people who've been tattooed to mark the arrival of a new baby, pay tribute to a parent or the survival of a harrowing event, I've never seen such vivid imagery as these artists create on their clients' skin. I'm especially intrigued by the colorful, heavily shaded versions created by Kat Von D and her team of artists.

As the TLC people realized, it's the individual stories that make these shows compelling.

So for now, I just enjoy hearing about others' triumphs, and seeing how they choose to mark their own major life events.

Do you have a tattoo? If so, how did you make your selection?


Kitty said...

oh my goodness. we are on the same schedule? Is it a Bravo show? Maybe that's the reason.

I was thinking about writing about my recent addiction as well. I don't know why I've been watching the Ink shows, but yeah, I am hooked. HOOKED!

I think it's because these tattoos have such meaning behind them to whomever it is. There's a story there, and it's always interesting. The artwork, too, is pretty amazing. I love how they use black, shades of gray and white highlights.

how funny?!

Spandrel Studios said...

*Very* funny!

Absolutely, the Ink shows on TLC are good at telling both the customer's story/inspiration - which is sometimes beyond incredible, overcoming illness or loss, or achieving something remarkable - and what the tattoo artist brings to the work.

Can't resist that combination of inspiration and artwork!