Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Project Runway Withdrawal

At long last, my favorite show is back on this evening. Worse than the writer's strike, not having any new episodes of Project Runway has been a real bummer.

Will this be the episode where Elisa's fabric-licking ways do her in with a "dry clean only" silk?

The show where Sweet P falls off her heels skittering around the workroom in a panic?

The time that Kit's outfit falls apart on the runway because she couldn't operate the glue gun in the Michael's craft-show challenge, with Special Guest Judge Martha Stewart?

Where Christian is forced to bow out for not using the required challenge materials of cardboard and elementary school paste, save for the stiff little spaghetti straps on his dress, leading to an inquest over Jillian's very same behavior during the "What's the Skinny" episode?

That Ricky will cry when recounting how important this challenge is for his career, his life? (Oh, wait! That's every episode.)

The Dylan's Candy Bar challenge where Kevin accidentally sweeps a hot iron past Chris' latest costume, made of cotton candy and taffeta, only to end up with a gluey, pink mess dripping down the poodle motif skirt on which Chris staked his reputation.

The show where Rami, instead of creating one lowly outfit, offers six dazzling couture-quality, beautifully draped and pleated, liquid-silk column dresses that Christian with a Frenchman's wave summarily dismisses as "coffin liners."

No, it's the episode where Kevin and Rami resort to three rounds of Greco-Roman wrestling to determine the final winner of the Goddess Theme challenge wherein designers are shuffled onto a plane from New York to Rome, where they board a cruise ship destined for Santorini and over the ensuing 5 days must create sportswear for modern goddesses while using only materials scrounged from fellow passengers' cabana wear?

See? This, this is what I've resorted to... making up my own faux Project Runway dramas over these past two (eek - three!) weeks.

Stay tuned for the real recap tomorrow.


Kitty said...

oh, I dvr'ed tonight's show. I can't wait to see it!

It's a good batch of characters this year. I wasn't a regular until this season and I am hooked for good.

lemme know if it's a good one!

Spandrel Studios said...

Hi, Kitty - yes, it's a good one! I was surprised at how two contestants redeemed themselves in different ways, and that may be the theme of my recap.